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The Winter Solstice & Dance of Duality

Updated: Jan 11

Yesterday marked the Winter Solstice. A time when many traditions around the world celebrate the light and new beginnings. The winter solstice is marked by the dance between the poles of light and dark. It is the shortest day of the year with the longest night.

Now, if you know me you know I'm a sucker for metaphors, and the inherent power they possess within our psyches, our actions, and our lives. I am in good company in this regard. Jung wrote entire books on archetypes, shadow work and associated practices, and many are moved through symbolic media daily. I still cry every time the Rohirrim charge on the evil descended on Helm’s deep, ushered in by the light of dawn.

The light of the sun gleams through the barren trees. The forest floor glows in orange
SEELEDU- Dance of Duality midwinter celebrations in Seelbach, Germany- Schwarzwald - Black Forest

SEELEDU is born of two important locations, the Schwarzwald, Black Forest of Germany, and the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This dance of duality has been inherent for us from before our founding, to when we were just a speckle of a thought of a dream.

The Dance of Duality

SEELEDU Logo- born of the vesica piscis

The balance of dark and light. Our logo draws from the sacred geometric form of the vesica piscis where two circles intersect each other symbolizing the interaction and interdependence of two opposite worlds. The celebration of positive and negative, yin and yang, white and black, light and darkness.

Winter Solstice

Celebrating this pivotal time of the calendar year and embracing the beliefs and practices by many ancient cultures including the Abanaki of the North East Americas, and the germanic pagan tribes of western europe, we dive into the qualities of slowness, reflections and receptivity. Celebrating the darkness just as much as we welcome the return of the sun's radiance, we embrace in the ancient practices and wisdom in this connection to the rhythms of nature. We turn outside to soak in the limited rays of the sun collecting this life giving energy for the rebirth that spring will bring and sit in reflection of the darkness, opening our hearts under the stars to our wonderful communities showering our gratitude under the cosmos.

I am so grateful to be able to share this practice of SEELEDU with our community in Seelbach, Germany and our growing practice here in New Hampshire. May the darkness ring in reflection and receptivity as the growing light ushers in rebirth and renewal. Here’s to being on this wild, wondrous journey.

Wlinowipebon (good mid-winter)

Happy winter solstice

Frohliche Wintersonnwende

Many warm wishes,

Justine - founder of SEELEDU

SEELEDU - Winter Solstice midwinter celebrations in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

What can SEELEDU do for you?

SEELEDU explores the journey of being human and nurtures nature connections for health and well-being. SEELEDU is based in science and grounded in nature. Practicing in ecopsychology and recognizing the mutual compassion and nurturing ability between nature and humans, SEELEDU offers live and online kids programming, classroom and school based development, and adult learning for holistic, whole-body well-being. SEELEDU also offers qualified, integrated direct services of psychological counseling, coaching, therapeutic yoga and complementary interventions for ANYONE, ANYWHERE.

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