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SEELEDU Yoga & Nature retreats

Deep peace, mindful movement and quiet contemplation in nature.

Yoga, breathing techniques and meditation accompany you on your journey.


Schwarzwald, Black Forest
Yoga and Nature

Discover the rich healing history, traditional culture, and unique landscape of the Schwarzwald. Deep in the Black Forest, cultivate peace, contemplation, and delight in Waldeinsamkeit, or the spiritual connection one receives from being alone in the woods. Yoga, breathing techniques and meditation accompany you through the retreat.

Fall 2024 -dates to be announced!

White Mountain
Yoga and Nature

In the depth of winter, channel the quiet time of the earth to connect deeply and turn inward. Guided winter hike and/or snowshoe with forest bathing, deep connection, mindful movement and meditation accompany you on your journey. 


The message of winter is one of honoring the dark, so that we can more deeply appreciate light, building yin to support yang, engaging in the medicine of the North so we cultivate strength for growth. Make space for these opposites, and enhance the sweetness of life.

2025 -date to be announced

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