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Hello from SEELEDU!

SEELEDU Ecopsychology Ökopsychologie Yoga

What does SEELEDU mean? It's a playful German word combination to demonstrate our intention to create a more soulful self. A more soulful you! 

SEELEDU explores the journey of being human and nurtures nature connections for health and well-being.

SEELEDU Ecopsychology Ökopsychologie
SEELEDU Ecopsychology

Hi there!

Thank you for taking the time to be here!

My name is Justine Ferland and I am the founder of SEELEDU!

I am a psychologist, educator, mindfulness trainer, coach and yoga teacher. I received my Bachelor of Art in Psychology from Stonehill College (Easton, Massachusetts, USA) in 2009 and my Master of Science in Psychology from the University of Southern Maine (Portland, Maine, USA) in 2015. I have additional postgraduate training in Psychology with a focus on Behavioral Therapy and Behavior Analysis, Educational Psychology, Community Mental Health and Wellness Counseling, and Integrated Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and Children. In graduate school I wrote extensively, studied and applied mindfulness training into my daily clinical work and attended trainings by world leader UMASS in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). In 2018, all degrees and trainings were formally recognized by German authorities. Since 2007 I have worked in various clinical positions in community mental health, private practice and schools internationally. A long supporter of ecopsychology and the use of nature interventions in the clinical process, I have over 5000+ direct hours in the field of applied ecopsychology and 15 years experience leading outdoor interventions. 

A longtime athlete, I came to yoga in 2007 to help my failing body. I suffered from chronic stress, pain and injuries. I experienced first hand the dramatic connection between body and mind. Since then I've been a yoga enthusiast, lifelong student, and daily yogi. I completed Yoga NH's yoga teacher training in Portsmouth, NH, USA in 2017 and have since become an experienced teacher with over 1000 teaching hours. I am currently completing the 1000 hour Yoga Medicine certification as a Yoga Therapeutic Specialist. I have a personal daily meditation practice of over 20 years and deeply enjoy sharing the gift of meditation with others.  

I also have 20 years of experience as a lacrosse coach. I have worked with thousands of athletes from youth to professional sports and hundreds of coaches, developing and growing the game. I love helping players develop both on and off the field.  Most recently I coached the German women's national lacrosse team before turning my attention to the creation of SEELEDU. I now offer specialty lacrosse clinics and training worldwide as well as work directly with athletes across sports, (& families of athletes) for specific performance, self care, health practices. 


Along with a lifelong interest in holistic and herbal medicine, I am a proud supporter and lover of nature. I love helping people discover their own connections to nature. I offer all services in German and English (my mother tongue). My free time includes playful adventures outdoors, time in the forest, hiking with my husband and our black labrador "Utahraptor", working on our families homesteads and in my garden. 

Thanks for checking in! 
What can SEELEDU do for you?

 Most sincerely,


SEELEDU Ecopsychology Ökopsychologie Yoga
SEELEDU Ecopsychology Ökopsychologie Yoga
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Our clients

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