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Forest Bathing 

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Waldbaden is the conscious immersion of yourself in the forest. Experience the deep sense of Waldeinsamkeit,  or the spiritual connection one receives from being alone in the woods. Gentle yoga, medicine hikes, breathing techniques and meditation accompany you through the experience. Countless studies on the effectiveness of forest immersions have been carried out throughout the world, with the result that a session of Waldbaden bringing benefits of :


  • reduced stress levels

  • promotion of inner peace


  • activation of the immune system


  • awaken energy


  • decrease worries & lift mood

  • improve sleep​

  • cultivate a completely healthy and lasting effect on the body, mind and soul​​

During Waldbaden with SEELEDU you will learn to consciously activate all your senses, slow down your pace and immerse yourself completely in the healing history of the Schwarzwald and beneficial power of the forest.

€80 per session

Duration approx. 90 minutes.

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