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How to Harness the Energy of the Summer Solstice

Updated: Jan 11

Celebrate the life giving energy of the solstice and bring that energy into your life!

The summer solstice is upon us in the northern hemisphere! The summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere marks the longest day of the year, when the sun is at the very peak of its power. It’s time to celebrate the year’s longest day and all of the gifts that the season provides.

SEELEDU summer solstice celebration with traditional bonfire

The Summer Solstice

Throughout history the solstice has been celebrated for its life giving properties. Inspired by the omnipotence of the sun, the summer solstice is long associated with love, sexuality, and fertility. Nature is in bloom, and cultures around the world have seen summer as a celebration of the strength

Exploring Ecopsychology: Fresh blooms at summer solstice

and fertility of Mother Earth and of other goddesses who represent the divine feminine. Weddings, and harvests are often performed at this time and considered lucky as are new babies.

Typically Cancer, the nurturing feminine energy, enters again bringing with it the time of the harvest. The suns life giving properties have been celebrated across cultures. Ancient pagans believed magic was most active and powerful on this day, wearing flowers and herbs to ward away evil spirits. Abenaki people saw the day as a connection to the source. The Chinese honored the goddess of light Li, and the feminine energy of yin, opposite to winter’s yang energy. The romans had ceremonies to Vesta, the Goddess guarding virginity and considered the patron of the domestic sphere. To nature worshippers, the day is known as Litha. In ancient Europe this was celebrated by rolling flaming wheels into the water, to symbolize the balance of fire and water. Here in Germany, prior to Christianity adopting the celebrations to John the Baptist, it was celebrated by Germanic tribes with thousands of bonfires to celebrate over the cold and darkness.

Harness the energy of the summer solstice

As the days surrounding the solstice are one of the times of year where magic is most alive, it is good to absorb the powerful energy towards the future, and connect to the source. We here at SEELEDU will celebrate as we live everyday, outside surrounded in and honoring nature. We will meditate on the light and dark forces in the world and us, and celebrate that good love magic, continuing to cultivate energy together.

Here are some of our favorite practices for you to harness the solstice energy:
Exploring Ecopsychology: Forest bath sunrise hike at the solstice

Connecting to the sun

  • Sunrise hike- We love starting the day by waking up early to watch the sunrise. Many traditions say there is a power in the sun, and in the early morning its life force is the strongest. Not a morning person? No problem, go bathe in the suns energy at your own leisure or walk barefoot in the morning dew to strengthen your connection to Mother Nature with grounding practices.

SEELEDU Summer Solstice Solar Plexus meditation

  • Sun meditation- lay your hands on your solar plexus as you sit in the sun. Imagine you can fill this space with all the energy you are absorbing from the suns rays. Light is a living consciousness that responds instantly to your call—let it come into your field through the solar plexus, into your spine. Radiate it outward from your body becoming a beacon of light like the sun.

Whats the solar plexus?

The solar plexus is a collection of two bundles of nerves, or ganglion that intertwine and pass each other at central location in the abdomen. The solar plexus is also an important chakra location used energetically within the body. Chakras are spinning wheels or vortices of energy that exist within our subtle body.

Celebration and ceremony

  • Fire

    • Just about every culture celebrates Midsummer with fire. Light a day camp fire and bring your morning to your fire pit. If you decide to light a fire, make sure you can do it safely by using a firepit, hibachi, or grill. If this is not possible, use a candle. Want a bonus? Soften your gaze and focus on the movement of the flame. This is an ancient Buddhist meditation practice called Trataka.

  • Magic

    • The summer solstice has long been considered a time where magic is strongest. So have some fun and make a wish. Set an intention. And may your intentions be transformed into manifestations.

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What is SEELEDU and what can SEELEDU do for you?

SEELEDU explores the journey of being human and nurtures nature connections for health and well-being. SEELEDU is based in science and grounded in nature. Practicing in ecopsychology and recognizing the mutual compassion and nurturing ability between nature and humans, SEELEDU offers live and online programming, development and learning for holistic, whole-body well-being.

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