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SEELEDU Sport & Performance

 With 20+ years experience as a coach and manager across all levels of sport from youth & grassroots program development, to professional athletes & international team management, SEELEDU fosters healthier athletes, stronger teams, better performance, and improved coaching. 

Puncbag Hit
Winter Sports

Athlete Advancement

1:1 Consultation and continued coaching on your specific goals. Pregame anxiety? Returning from injury? Performance goals? Team conflict? Processing retirement? Depleted energy? Justine Ferland is experienced in guiding athletes in an integrated holistic manner to develop practices that work for you and meet your performance goals. 

Football Teammates

Supporting Your Athlete

Education and 1:1 direct support for parents and caregivers on how to best support your athlete at all levels. Topics include but not limited too: athlete wellbeing, promoting balance, demanding schedules, recognizing red flags in coaching/teams, preparing for higher level sport, recruiting. 

Lacrosse Goalie with Helmet

Coaches Corner

Building better teams & sports cultures. Topics include but not limited to: athlete wellbeing &wellness, effective coaching practices: coaching to learn, building to success, grassroots development, developmental structuring & leveling up, developing visualization skills, mindfulness in athletes, & healthy team cultures. 

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