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SEELEDU Ecopsychology Ökopsychologie

"Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings."
William Arthur Ward


SEELEDU is a dream come true. It takes a village, a collective, for dreams to materialize and continue their presence. Here are all the loving people who have supported the creation of SEELEDU and continue to give their heartfelt support.

With deepest gratitude I would like to thank:


Devon Boyd for her friendship, mentorship, enlightening discussions, explorations in gardens and forests, love and unwavering support in the formation and thriving of SEELEDU.

Nicole Cadorette for her unending support, friendship, encouragement, love and confidence. 

Tiffany Cruikshank and Yoga Medicine for providing mentoring, training and development inspired by modern medical research and traditional practices to create individualized therapeutic yoga practices.

Christi Trabucco, Carol Castellan and Julia Tirabassi for their mentorship, love and providing their wholehearted support and wisdom in establishing and planting roots. You are the foundation of my yogic practices and your teachings continue to empower. 

Steve Diers for introducing the practice of meditation at the age of 13 and the power of our thoughts. This practice was the most instrumental, transformative, and grounding practice of my life. "No Stinkin' Thinkin"

Mary Squire for her invaluable mentorship, leadership and demonstration of excellence with heart, compassion, and ethics.

Tamison Rose for her artistic direction, creativity and heartfelt support in all endeavors.

Margit Amberger-Oulette for her support, sharing her experiences, example and empathy.  

Turnverein Seelbach for giving SEELE Yoga its first home in Germany and enabling me to find my German voice.


Irmi Schäfer for the most loving support in navigating the German language, German bureaucracy and all of my endeavors.​

The many teachers, trainers, scientists, farmers, counselors, psychologists, physical therapists, body workers, medicine women and spiritual leaders I have had the privilege of learning from. They have all influenced my development in many ways and offered countless tools to better serve through SEELEDU.

Lynda Cadieux-Ferland & David Ferland, Mom and Dad, for their nurturing of my love of the the outdoors, their collective wisdom and self practices of natural stewardship, attention, love and support in all endeavors over the years.  Thank you will never be enough to say. My heart is full of you and recognizes all the loving deeds and care over the years.

My husband Matthias Schäfer for his countless hours of support in translating and proofreading texts into German and for his full and heartfelt support in this creation and all of our adventures.

Our dog Utahraptor for always being there and welcoming us with love.

And to our great natural world. Your gifts are many and support the life giving properties of all things. 


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. My heart is full


Dhanya Vad: I feel gratitude

SEELEDU Ecopsychology Ökopsychologie

SEELEDU explores the journey of being human and nurtures nature connections for health and well-being.

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