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WilLkommen bei SEELEDU


SEELEDU entdeckt die Reise des Menschseins und fördert die Verbindung zur Natur für Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden.

Ich bin Justine Ferland, Psychologin, Coach und Gründerin von SEELEDU. Ich bin dein Guide zu einem besseren Selbst und Team durch Natur, Bewegung und mehr.



"I felt like a shadow of my prior self. Slower, less successful, less confident...But during our sessions Justine helped me to learn that my worth as a human was not linked to my success as an athlete.  The methods we developed helped me to take some of the pressure I had out upon myself off my soul and enjoy competing again. Justine is - to a huge extent - the reason why I can look back at my career, especially the last season of it, without bitterness, without pain and for that I will always be thankful."

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•Seelbach, Deutschland

 •Bridgewater, New Hampshire USA

•Online- everywhere! 

•SEELEDU also offers classes and workshops worldwide. For upcoming offerings and pop ups, join our mailing list or follow on social media

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